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German passport


German passport isissued to every citizen of Germany and therefore the first step should be toobtain a German citizenship.
Upon obtaining suchcitizenship, a German passport can be obtained immediately.
Dr. Yuval Hen LawFirm handled and is handling many hundreds applications for a European-Germancitizenship.
The office is workingdirectly with the competent entity in Germany, a fact which helps simplify manyprocedures.
Dr. Chen himselfvisited the site and established work procedures with the department heads in Germany.

With the opening ofthe case in Germany, the customer receives a letter from the office, in whichhe is informed of his case opening date in Germany.
German passport and German citizenship - this is how one joins the European Union
It is required to use notary services to authorize documents for issuing a German passport
In German: The European Union, The Federal Republic of Germany, Passport
This is how the stamping pages of the passport look like, with the Coat of arms of Germany.
Optional methods for the obtainment of a German passport

There are two tracks,which eventually lead to the obtainment of a German citizenship:

The first and less commontrack is a track, whereby the German law grants the German competentauthorities discretion, whether to grant the applicant a citizenship or not.

In this track, theapplicant will be asked to exhibit his connection to Germany, establishedfinancial capabilities and basic knowledge of the German language.

In addition, theapplicant will be required, in principle, to waive his original citizenship.
Principles for the obtainment of a German citizenship

In the more commontrack, whereby the German authorities have no discretion, there are a number ofguiding principles by which one can obtain a European-German passport, as willbe explained below:
  • Place of Birth, even if it is Germany, or obtaining reparations do not grant a German citizenship and are completely unrelated with it, citizenship is granted by bloodline and not according to place of birth. Namely, you can be born in China and get a German passport, while on the other hand, it is possible to be born in Germany and not be granted a German passport.
  • An offspring born by 01/04/1953 has good chances of getting a German passport, only if his father was a German. After this time, the offspring can get a German passport, also in case his mother was German, that is, born (no matter where) to a German father.
  • An offspring born during the period of between 04/01/1953 and 31/12/1974 to a mother holding a German citizenship, will be eligible for citizenship and/or a German passport, only if the mother informed the embassy by 12.31.1977 that her son will be applying for a German citizenship.
  • A child born outside wedlock by 01/07/1993, shall obtain a German citizenship/passport, if on the day of his birth his mother was holding such citizenship. In case the father is German, his child is entitled to obtain a German citizenship/passport, if by his 23rd birthday, the father filed a declaration of paternity, according to German law.
Work procedure

As far as the clientis concerned, the work procedure is very simple:After Dr. Yuval HenLaw firm decides to handle the application, the client will receive a letter,detailing the following information:
  • A brief description of the Law Firm.
  • The documents required from each member of the family and where to obtain them
  • Costs and fees, as a function of the number of applicants. The greater the number of applicants is, the lower will be the fee charged from each one of them.
  • Notarized certification costs.
  • In most cases the firm shall provide a refund guarantee of all fees, if any of the applicants will not be eligible to receive a German passport.
  • Sending a notice of the opening of the case in Germany.

It should be notedthat Dr. Hen Law Firm does not operate, in most cases, vis-a-vis the Germanembassy, but directly with the competent entity in Germany.
After the clientsends all the documents in their requested format, Dr. Hen law firm preparesall the applications, translates whatever is needed to be translated andnotarizes the relevant documents. At the same time the client is issued withrequest for payment of fees and standard forms that require his signature. Uponreceipt of all fees and after signing all forms, the applications would bedelivered to Germany. The client will receive a written notice from us of hiscase opening date in Germany.
The period of time Germany requires for processing an application is at least one year, althoughthere were many cases handled by the office which processing required a shortertime period, in some cases no more than a few weeks. After Germany approves theclaim, it would instruct the embassy in Tel Aviv to summon the client andprovide him with his certificate of naturalization. Until the client receives anotice from the German Embassy, he shall be notified by the firm that Germanyhas approved the claim and that would end the firm's handling of the case. Afterthe client receives his certificate of naturalization from the embassy, he mayapply by himself, already upon obtaining his certificate of naturalization, fora German passport. He will fill out a short form at the embassy, pay the feeand the passport will be mailed from Germany.
Revocation of a German passport

The relevant Germanlaw states that a German citizen who served in the security forces of a foreigncountry not under any legal obligation, would lose his German citizenship.
This law caused manyIsraelis, who received a German passport to lose their German citizenship dueto their career service. In practice, when applying for an extension of aGerman passport, which is most commonly done at the German Embassy, theapplicant is asked to present a certificate from the IDF detailing his militaryservice.
If this certificateindicates that the applicant served as a career soldier, he will be asked tohand over his German passport its extension shall be refused.
Dr. Yuval Hen LawFirm handles the restoration of German citizenship to those who have beendenied of it due to their career service.
A work permit in Germany

Dr. Yuval Hen LawFirm handles applications issued by Israelis for a permit to work in Germany.Such applications should refer to a specific job in Germany. The applicationsshall be submitted to the competent authority where the business is located.