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Real estate in Germany and the acquisition of income-producing properties


Inheritance in Germany

You are entitled to receive an inheritance in Germany? Did the deceased inherited in his part of or the whole of his estate? Below you will find general information about the process you need to go through in Germany to obtain the estate

Inheritance in Germany - documents to be presented

  • Completed questionnaire for preparing for an inheritance hearing
  • Death certificate of the deceased
  • Birth certificates of all biological relatives
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Will
  • Any decision concerning the estate issued by an Inheritance Court in Israel
  • A copy of all the documents you've obtained from the various entities in Germany
  • Notary translations of all the documents written in foreign languages
  • Providing a sworn statement to the German Embassy
  • Authorization from the tax authorities in Germany

Who is entitled to discuss the case?

Probate or order of succession should be issued by a Family Court in Germany.The court that shall handle the case is the one in the jurisdiction within which the deceased lived most recently prior to his death. If the deceased has no permanent residence, then the location of the testator at the time of his death, will determine which court will hear the matter in Germany. If this refers to a German citizen who was not living in Germany upon his death and had no permanent residence in Germany, then the case will go to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate's Court in Berlin -Schonberg.

Inheritance in Germany - why use the services of a lawyer?

Due to multiple factors that handle every inheritance case in Germany and due to the complexity of the international process, it is advisable to consult a lawyer specializing in this type of procedure. Attorney Dr. Yuval Hen is very intensively engaged in handling estates in Germany. He is familiar with the German and the Israeli law and practice in this field for 17 years. Attorney Hen obviously speaks German and has a rich professional background in Germany.

Notary services

Except for advising through the inheritance process, Attorney Hen also provides translation services and notarial certificates in English, Hebrew and German.
This important service saves time and the need to work with further entities in the same chain.
* What is stated on this page does not replace legal advice by a lawyer.